High Above Monsteropolis
So here’s the Kentucky Fried Dealio.

As much as I dig his site and the wealth of interactions with which I have been provided. I think that it is time I shut down my blog. At least until finals are over, because this semester has been a mess from start to finish and seeing as I already have issues motivating myself to do much of anything, it’s likely in my best interest to suspend my activities on this site. I’ll be “shutting it down” at the end of the day. 

I just saw Polnareff’s first panel in the manga and good lord did his hair escalate in regards to both its length and ridiculousness. 

What do you love about being black?


being immortal

hey person. you, the one procrastinating. I know it may seem like a cool and groovy thing to put off your responsibilities, heck it may even feel comforting especially in the light of stuff a) really don’t wanna do and b) stuff your afraid to do. That is literally me right now. I have procrastinated all my life and it has brought me nothing but poor performance and undue stress. But in most instances I managed to skate by and barely manage to do well in more work, because I was “smart” or “it’s always worked before” I trapped myself in a cycle of what feels like an amalgam of apathy and perpetual terror.

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Enrico and Dio sitting in a room, planning out the Joestar’s doom. First comes death, then much worse, he’ll reset the Universe. 


proud of my son. good job

snarkysusie replied to your post “Play “Money” by Mystery Skulls at my wake. ”

i’ll make sure this happens on the off chance your wake occurs before mine

And that’s what amigos are for. 



you hear a knock on your door - it is andre 3000. he has moved in next door and asks politely if you can lend him a cup of sugar

He IS your neighbor…

Living with peeps is cool and all. But I can’t wait to live completely alone. With thick walls. And relatively heavy doors. And better headphones.